The Silhouette That’s Me

The Silhouette That’s Me
There is little left for me
Air is tight, it’s hard to breathe
Bruised inside, I can’t defy
There’s nothing left for me to hide
Rip the hope from my eyes
And push me away into the nothing

The wind that laced to my stride
Reaching to a darker side

My eyes infuse with lost time
Pulsing with a need inside
The dreams that vanish, I can’t save
To pain and loss, I am a slave

The chains that bind my wrist
The hate that feeds me with a kiss

I’d stitch the wounds while they’re fresh
But deep inside there’s nothing left
The rot inside clouds my eyes
A tear-less blur, my visions dry
The weights increasing with every step

I’d try to breathe, try to be
But deep inside, there is no me

The broken being standing here
The shadow to my darkest fear
The strings that wrap around my will
The empty hopes that never fill
The image that seems to have no face
Identity that has no place

No step or breath feel the same
The thriving pulse engraved with pain

A silhouette walks a lonely street
The head is worn, aimed at its feet
Limbs are torn, feeble, aching
Inside a heart is beating, breaking
A breath is taken, what’s left to see?
This empty being is really me

Watch me walk away
Fading more with every day

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