The Message of a Moment

Behind the gaze of two intelligent eyes
Curves the blade of a smile that I recognize
With words that seemed too good to be true
But it didn’t matter
All that mattered was having you
In the memories of our yesterday’s
Our shadows seem whole, in a way
And it wasn’t until that moment of need
Two heart soon collapsed and began to bleed

It’s the silhouettes of the past
That make us hope it can last

The road’s familiar, the walks the same
We take our turns in pointing blame
The toxic feelings that wait underneath
Is the knife that’s undone from its sheathe
It’s that moment wishing all could be well
That brings us all to the gates of hell

When you feel a need, it’s all that exists
Everything else becomes a past-time we miss

I drug myself through the dirt
To prove I had some kind of worth
It wasn’t until I saw myself
In the mirror what I saw was someone else
I lost myself along the way
In these mind games we used to play
Where went the person that we knew
Before the world collapsed with nothing to do

It’s the unfamiliar, the things that change
That bring the dark of tomorrow’s rain

It’s that hope to be seen a certain way
That lead to the ashes, extinction today
When we change what waits for us at the core
We lose ourselves, yet are asked for more
It is when we slowly lose our way
The ground we pave on the current day
Becomes a path we can’t seem to grasp
Because at heart it is not our task

It’s who we are that’s deep inside
That if we hide will soon collide
Without standing true to yourself
There is nothing left to live for

All that becomes left is reaching for some grain of hope
That can become the moment in which we stand today


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2 thoughts on “The Message of a Moment

  1. No wonder that you are a professional writer! I enjoyed these words, because you described some of the pain, remorse, and bitterness that I have felt, tho at the end, you turned a bad experience in life, into something positive, if only a scrap of hope! Your words are well appreciated! take care!

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    • Hello,
      I’m glad that you could relate to the words in this. Ideally that is what I shoot for, a portrayal of emotions that hopefully can be easy to identify with.
      Depression, hopelessness, remorse, while they sound so dark, are feelings that are are more common that happiness. Expressing it helps in one way or another.
      Poetry i keep as a hobby, when your recreation becomes affiliated with work it loses the joy behind it. Poetry is something I have used as a means for venting since the age of 14.
      I’m glad you enjoyed this, have a good one 🙂


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