A Change in the Wind

This is a poem about being yourself, about the dare to embrace simply who you are


Staring life down, eye-to-eye
Lost count of all that I despise
A smile of indifference
A hope thats run translucent
Just who is this staring back at me?
I thought I knew, but didn’t see

These broken ruins left of me

Do you ever just pretend?
Waiting for this time to end
Stuck in place, what seems consistent?
Self-esteem ever-resistant

It’s when you lose your way
Nothing comes, and nothing stays
It’s the evolution of the empty
A curse of nothing, and a thirst of envy

Close your eyes, try not to see
Nothing changes or comes to be

On this road of constant scorn
The facts stick out like bloodied thorns
When every day feels like the same
Where nothing lasts, a constant shame
One must take a step away
Carve a change in common day
Without the risk, the hunger strains
Becoming one, to share a name

When one can’t dare but to be different
Everything becomes the same

Rock the tide and change the wind
Give routine a kind of spin
Without a risk, time will decay
With life left in strain, inside a day
So taste the air, change the night
Find a reason for a fight
Change isn’t meant to be a given
It’s bold reason to keep on living

Dare to write a different line
Be the one that has a spine

A world that loves to paint and judge
The living envy that holds a grudge
When you can offer change, and offer light
A birth of new comes overnight
But with that change comes a growth
To find all the things we’d never know

Dare to be the person that lives inside
Be yourself, don’t fight the tide 


Image from: www.lit.ie


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