Turning the Page

I wear my sinister smile
With poison laced inside my eyes
I can feel your thirst for need
Caressing comfort, bathed in lies
I’ve been that whisper all along
The voice of reason, singing song
I stopped believing long ago
Now living desperate, life is slow

I’m an open wound that cannot heal
A ghost of past that hates to feel

Drapes of despair, always there
Haunting all I see
I’m left here bare, beyond repair
With sweet taste for memory
Could be today, or long ago
Inside’s aware, will always know
Reaching for the best of me
Holding strands of hopes to see

A grin and a stare to challenge the time
And a hope for paths I hope to find

I take a step, feels like a mile
Trapped in a change, can’t help but smile
The unaware, the risk within
A place for life to soon begin
Familiar taste of what I know
And the grasp for new coming slow
The weathers changed, I’m the same
A person grows, but keeps their name

It’s the following, the adapting way
The slow approach toward coming day

It’s finding a way to step with care
To embrace the being standing there
It’s accepting us, down to the bone
And reaping life for all we’ve sewn
It’s looking ahead and pressing time
With an open heart and hope to find

It’s turning the page and walking tall
Embracing comfort, large and small

Remembering we hold a place
With a name, and common face
It’s believing and never letting go
And pushing on toward the next great thing


Image from: ariannecruz07.blogspot.com

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