Ghost of the Past

Ghost of the Past 

All that’s left are stories
From all that couldn’t be
I’m the ashes of a dream
I never got to see
And when I reach into my heart
It’s all a cold distorted time
Fractured by the bits of hope
The bits that I could never find

I drew a map to find a way
To sort out all this pain
Grabbing at the ghosts of past
To give this life a name
When you forget and can’t remind
Yourself of what you use to be
You tend to blend into the past
To live the dead of memory

When my eyes used to spark
With vibrant joy and passion too
I think back at that time
When I meant so much to you
Now this thing I have became
It holds my flesh but not my name
What I want so bad to be
The person you once knew as me

Cause as this shadow eats my soul
I slowly lose the slight control
Emotions blend and slowly subside
And lay beneath the ground to die
I’m holding on because I care
What we have–it’s all that’s there

A heart that’s laced and filled with pain
Mixed with bad choice and countless blame
When what you need all goes away
The world becomes ones plain decay
When you can’t stand and fall apart
When all you have binds to your heart
It’s when that breaks you start to see
There’s nothing left for you to be

I slowly subside and drift away–
A ghost of past and modern day


2 thoughts on “Ghost of the Past

    • Hello,
      Thanks for dropping in 🙂 I’m glad that you loved it, haha. Always great to hear that someone can identify with the writing and enjoy the message. If the writing makes you feel something, sparks of emotion and such, then I accomplish what I’m aiming for.
      Appreciate the support 🙂

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