Stuck Here

This poem is essentially about someone who died in a tragedy, and in a way they are punished for it by having to relive it day to day. In a way you can think of it as someone going to hell and the punishment they are given.

I’m not crazy about religion so please lets not discuss whether this is religiously accurate according to your faith, this is more meant to craft a smile and give a little bit of a humorous touch to a darker element of life. Let me know your thoughts.

Stuck Here

A lonely soul, broken and frail
Lived on a road, its face was pale
it’s ashes settled, they packed away
And became a story we tell today
It told a story, it bound a tale
About a boy whose hopes set sail

He chased a dream, yet had no chance
A life once lived became a glance
Back to that night, he blinked his eyes
A car, a tree, and a life died

Now he walks here all alone
Wishes void, hope is blown
He dared to live, yet did too well
And now he’s bound here what the hell?

And with this thought, he took a sip
He dared to care, but gave no shit
He closed his eyes, yes things were grim
A foolish night out for a spin

Reminded daily, “live your life well”
He shook his head, sure, things were swell

He took a step and came to be
Hopped in his car and hugged a tree
And then the day began again
with the thought “god will this end”

He looked at the grass, the other side
And of  psychics, damn how they lie
He cursed the world and count to ten
And then he lived this shit again


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Let me know your thoughts

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