Garden of Filth

There’s  a battle with my inner demons
It happens like the change of seasons
The sky gets darker with each time
The outline- a broken soul defined
But it’s okay cause I pretend
A master of the art ‘to blend’
It’s what you chose to never see
And with each day i lost that ‘me’

It’s when my eyes couldn’t see straight
That single loss I couldn’t take
The empty bottles that led to one place
A lack of recognition for my own face
What is this thing that I’ve become?
What’s left, when you’ve lost it all?

Waking each day to a slate
That’s been drugged with endless hate
When the only place to put a blame
Is out to dry with all your shame
Tears can’t cure a broken life
And they can’t tame a tortured soul
Left as a puppet to this pain
An instrument of lost control

As I play my song, my tune
Of all that’s died, that’s never bloomed
The garden of my sincere care
That’s become empty, plain and bare
I’m reaching for that one last rose
To try and remind myself of something beautiful
While everything looks and feels so ugly


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