End of the Road

Carry the burden of consequence
I love to watch you bleed
And I will stab you in the back
When it’s me you need
I will paint a portrait
Of all that you desire
And I will take it all away
Crafting ashes to a fire

It’s nice you take the time to see
But it’s too late, what’s left for me

Won’t you let my shadow see
And play the cords of sympathy
My black heart’s hungry for pain
So won’t you treat each day the same?
I taste the hate that’s laced the air
The loving embrace with despair
It’s whispering  into my ear
What I once was, is nowhere near

In this puddle of disfigured dreams
Nothing is quite as it seems

I watched my world fade away
A chapter sealed each passing day
Until all that’s left are fractured hopes
A list of problems with no way to cope
They stick like splinters to a broken mind
Between the pain and passing time
What answers do you hope to find?
When there is no light to even shine

I can be the presence in the air
The soul that’s sold out to despair

You left me here, all alone
All I have are scars to show
These scars from sudden, sick defeat
I can barely stand on my own feet
Won’t you show me a way?
Is there any help for me?
I’m paranoid and i can’t wait for what there is to see

The end is gone, nowhere near
And if it could somehow  appear
I would make myself walk away
I’d walk away to save myself

That’s all there’s left to do
i never really thought I knew
The spark of a chance has left me
I’m sharing time with agony

This mist is rising, it settled down
As I bury hope into the ground
The ground is moist, it’s fresh to feel
I’m caught between my dreams and real
They lack substance, they have no place
They are me, a void of space
Forced to face myself with no one else
I’m all that’s left for me
I need to help myself and find what’s left to see

Listen for me please, I’m on my knees
I’m reaching deep inside of me
There is something left for me to be

Something to be at the end of this road.

Let me know your thoughts

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