The Door at the Core

This poem is about how we all wish to grow and simply be. We all have that internal desire where we want to just be happy with who we are. We all have pain that we hide, feelings that we don’t admit to, and it is what makes us unique and different.
This poem is about the feeling of acceptance that soon declines into disappointment and sadness. It’s the journey to doors of opportunity that many of us overlook, but in a way they are the same for each of us.

The Door at the Core

I can reach and touch the sky
It laces to my finger tips
As the wind brushes down
And spreads fire down across my lips

It’s everything I thought it would be
I’m a little lost, but that’s just me

The breeze of uncertainty
Catches my throat as I breathe
The feeling of all I could be
Has never felt so real to me

Yet, I still stand alone
It’s all I’ve ever really known

Each time that I reach for a home
I’ve never felt so alone
Why can’t I look away
So many things get in the way
This pain that’s deep inside
Is all that’s keeping me alive

At one time I would give it all
At one time I was something

There’s no one there for me
I stitch my wounds as they bleed
The past is in the past
Buried with my old past needs
I can’t catch my breath
I’m reaching but there’s nothing left
There’s a swarm inside
Loss that throbs, it’s hard to hide

It’s the flaws that you can’t see
That make us what we know to be
It’s the hell that hides inside
The pain that we always deny
It’s the compass that sits at our core
That lets us grow to something more

Don’t give in to what you can’t see
Use the pain, a fine-cut key
It will open the door
That lets you grow to something more


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