A Whisper Called Lost Broken Cries

I am a broken man
Half of what I use to be
And when you look into my eyes
You see my twisted memories
Stitched together cause I’m frail
Hands are bound by 20 nails
Ten lace my hands–ten just to see
The pain that’s left inside of me

And everything I couldn’t be

I’m a broken shard of fate
A breath that came a second late
I’m nothing hymned into a tune
A life of hopes that never bloom
Tears form and fall as pure despair
Tied in the locks of threaded hair
I’d close my eyes and quote a prayer
It holds no point without you there

Stripped of all, I’m bound and bare

Cause without you Im just a hole
A painful rift with no control
I’m without hope- I’m beat and blind
The broken soul that walks mankind
Stripped of belief–at loss for care
Hallucinating that you’re there
When you lose a need you make believe
You lose that heart–stripped from your sleeve

Tomorrow’s something I can’t see
Cause one thing is all I need
It grants that chance to live and be
And when you lose that something
There’s nothing left of what was me

I watched it die in memory

A gasp in need of some fresh air
A gentle caress of your hair
This thing that is inside of me
The cast of all that’s make believe

I’d cry for days and grant a hand
If only you could understand
What we share in waking days
Is what brings tomorrow with hope to save
Without that hope I’m dead inside
A broken man–with broken eyes

Without you I’m what’s denied
A whisper called lost broken cries

Image from: quizilla.teennick.com


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