What Game of Thrones Showed Me About Leadership

I recently got into the Game of Thrones series and I found it to be incredibly enjoyable. The first time that I tried to watch it, I simply couldn’t get into it. The medieval foundation the series is placed around requires a particular kind of ‘mood’ to enjoy it. If you are heavy into the show Supernatural and then try to make the jump to Game of Thrones, it can be difficult. Without getting too sidetracked, Game of Thrones taught me something about politics, to an extent.

For starts I’m going to begin this by saying: I’m not political. As a matter of fact, I pretty much avoid the topic at all costs because I think it is simply that far gone, the barriers of right and wrong have been destroyed, and what we currently have now is just a big mess. There was a big argument at one point or another because European nations wanted to stay out of things because they didn’t feel it was fully their place to get involved with another countries problems and leadership, and hell, I can agree with that. Makes sense to me, why does the USA feel the need to walk countries through baby steps when they are being run by savages? Not even going to analyze or try to understand it, back on topic: Game of Thrones and Politics.


I want you to look at that, and then I want you to look at these two:


See the similarities above? The fact is: children aren’t meant to rule a country. They simply lack the experience as well as the common sense ability to rule out right and wrong. Back in the Game of Thrones time Obama would have lasted for maybe a few months and then someone would have put his sorry ass out of his misery, well in his case, his joy. Hell, if I was spending billions of dollars in government funds to take my family on trips I would probably have a shit eating grin like that picture as well.

Game of Thrones is a very fun, action-packed series that reminds us what the old days were like, and in a way, in its OWN way, the old ways were more effective. Anymore you have such a large margin for allowed error that idiots run the country, morons are the ‘bosses’ of most places of employment, and in the end what do we have?
We have a country who is severely in debt that feels the need to be heroes to the rest of the world. We are fighting an enemy that we are also supplying with weapons, we are ignoring problems in the USA while trying to rebuild other countries, what the hell happened to looking out for number one first and then taking care of others as we possibly can?

People that are against this frame of thinking will go: Clinton, but he got impeached! He cheated. So? He may have had a little fun with a reporter, but aside from that our country was in a good economic standing. We weren’t at war. Jobs were up, unemployment was down, and happiness was a bit easier to achieve.

The very ideas that frame society have pretty much taken a dive for the worst, people are giving up, and it shouldn’t be a surprise. The world is getting worse, not better. The amount of cover-ups that are taken to simply try to hide corruption, a prime example being unemployment rates dropping, not because jobs are becoming available, but because people are being kicked off unemployment to suffer…but hell, don’t feel bad, at least we are teaching people in some third world country how to read and giving them health care.

I feel the world is in a place where some countries see what’s going on and try really hard to focus their efforts where efforts are meant to be, meanwhile we have good ol’ Obama digging a trench that already seems impossible to get out of.

A complete and total evaluation needs to be places around leadership, and the emphasis needs to be placed around people that can make difficult decisions. Hard men, hard women, people capable of keeping emotion out of decision and making choices for “The good of the people”, hell, lets take that old saying, why not? We are led anymore by gutless people who would much rather hide and be sneaky rather then be strong, make decisions, and hide behind them.

Anyway, just my thoughts. Game of Thrones is a pretty damn cool show too, and I found myself admiring the fact that if someone sucked most of the time you could resolve it by simply having them assassinated. Ah, the good old days.


Let me know your thoughts

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