Left Hand of Misery

Bathed in the shadows of the darkest defeat
Laying fragments of hope to rest at my feet
This game of pretend is becoming extreme
In a world where nothing is quite what it seems

Tending to my well of broken dreams
The death of a wish can never redeem
When each stride becomes a new misplaced scar
And loss soon defines everything that you are

With each prayer I speak in a tune
To an end that I’ll undoubtedly soon

Skin that is laced with threads of despair
Hair that is knotted against skin that is bare
Nails that chip from the scrapes and the cries
A world that lives from careful placed lies

Each scar on the skin, a fragment of pain
A stinging reminder of all thats the shame
When I look at me, what do I see?
A ghost of what I used to be

The air is cold, it drifts away
It buries me more every day

The drops of rain pour from my eyes
A clash of the tides from all my cries
The massacre that’s coming to be
From being pure, old simple me

I cast a shade so I can fade
When hopes can’t lead to  being saved
It’s the dwindle of time, the collapse of a bind
The loss where one can’t simply find

This ground that feels so bitter and cold
Wraps a hope that has chosen to fold
When all there is to do, is breathe
The world will fade and I will seize

A part of me, a part to be
A part you see that’s  meant for me
Cause you can’t begin to understand

Words that mold into a prayer
A hope for someone to be there
When inside forgets how to stand
You pray to reach out for a hand

But in the time destined to be
The left hand of this misery
You close your eyes, and hypnotize
With a hope to somehow hide

Cause I can’t let you see
What has truly happened to me

I just want to run away
I can’t last another day
This despair that’s forged in my eyes
The fracture of misguided cries

This isn’t what you need to see
The pain that’s buried inside me
And I need to find a way to say
To say all that you don’t want to hear

And I just want to run away
To hide from the light of a new day


Image from: www.sanctuary.net


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