Blooming Miracle

This poem is about heartache, it’s that position of knowing that your heart is broken and that something or someone has the ability to remind you how to feel, how to care, and simply how to feel some spark of happiness.

“Blooming Miracle”

It’s not about the past
It’s all about today
The process of our moments
Along with cards we play
With a feint pixilation
Awaits an angel deep inside
Suffocating from a past
Those emotions that we hide

Seeking what we call acceptance
Looking simply to be found
Looking for that special someone
Knowing inside, they’re around
So I reach out a hand
To shelter you from pain
It’s that way you look at me
With the bounty of a change

At one time I sat alone
Imprisoned by my will
Awoken by that something
By how you shocked me still

An opening to new beginnings
While I file a ruptured past
I close my eyes with this hope
These feelings somehow last

The days that slowly drift away
I’m captured by the tick
As hours become memories
I watch and stand by it

When something is so special
They are precious to the core
If she only knew the truth
That she’s worth hoping for

When I couldn’t look away
It was something that I knew
When I felt that spark inside
I knew I needed you

I would try to tame my thoughts
It’s just the you’re so real
You’re  the blooming miracle
That reminds me how to feel

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