A World Where We’re Small

Your touch brought me back to life
And then it turned into a knife
Caught my breath in winded sighs
As life drained out from my eyes
I’d face the world with tempt to change
To paint the canvas known as pain

Yet I have faced my everything
And still inside decides to sting

Here, I’ve sacrificed it all
There’s no one left for me to call
I’m alone, all by myself
With whispers, and no sign of help
The sky has changed a shade of grey
And I’m left here, anyway

And still I reach for some small chance
To live a life from second glance
And here it comes, in its own way
The birth of empty, everyday

Now I’m staring at the ceiling
Hoping that I’m somehow healing
While inside is slowly wearing
Still, I’m reaching for a feeling
And even though I’m dreaming
Hoping, always ‘seeming’

I know there is no hope for me
Can’t you see, the hole in me?

Skipping rocks in memory
Pitfalls of what couldn’t be
And everything not meant for me
And still I try so hard to see
The things in life not meant to be

With a need for something more

Tell me when you’re sick of it
The pain and blame, the half of it

And still I’ll seek for something more
Digging deeper at the core

Just how far will you reach
With a need to feel
When reality seems to breach
The fake seems like the real

To push for a sense
of what can or cannot be
Leaving tracks that lead a way
That make or break a memory

And until that time, I’ll wait to find
And stare into this world blind

When one refuses how to see
Hope can last, and always be

Come stand with me, blind and tall
In a world where we’re small
Where infinite is possible
and destiny is there to call


One thought on “A World Where We’re Small

  1. Hey Anisa,
    Nice of you to stop by, thank you :). As I’m moving several of these over I’m kind of glancing over them and seeing potential areas for change and adjustment. The blog could have a better theme applied to it, but for the time being I want to keep it ‘free’, I did the paid version before, but it is just so incredibly time-consuming.
    Hope all has been well on your side of things, keep in touch.


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