The Heart That Went Away

If I break–tell me this then
Will you stand by to listen?
Will you stand with me through thick and thin
And chip away the bad from sin

The dreams that dance with my despair
With seething pain beyond repair

Cause I’m marked deep down inside
All these shadows that I hide
Are the things that brand my mind
The broken hopes that make me blind

The fears alive inside my eyes
I just want something to believe

When everything is hoping
What is it that I’m missing
The feeling deep inside
That I seem to keep resisting
My skin is wearing thin
This night could be the last
And I would be okay
Because I’m living in the past

Life has drained away my desperate needs
A wound remains that always bleeds

It’s like life has passed me by
But the past is fresh inside
The wounds that bind the hurt and pain
Closed the casket with my name

I need a reason, to reach for more
To find the chance that I’ve hoped for

When nothing’s making any sense
The days are blending, always tense
Inside is crippled; broken and bound
Lost from all the pain its found
Each step I take, a feeling faked
And the same old nightmare I can’t escape

I tamper with the chords of fate
They’re poisoned with my endless hate

I felt my heart get set on fire
Chains burned into its flesh
It pumped out its pure denial
Until there was nothing left
As it turns to fading ash
It spread across the air
My heart became a memory
Of what’s no longer there

It’s the day my heart went away
The day that left no words to say

I became everything
What I thought I should be
And now I stand a puppet
With strings made of my misery

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2 thoughts on “The Heart That Went Away

  1. Raw pain and tragedy seeps from every word. The struggle of the inner turbulence depicted is powerful.

    I could be completely wrong… but this is how I read you and your work (to which I always relate, as you know)… your ability to write about pain and this type of state of mind shows that you do not try to avoid your own pain, but you try to signify it for the rest of us and yourself. In turn this helps you survive it.
    I commend you for this because not many can do it.

    My apologies if I am wrong in my assumption.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Olivia,
      In a way this is something that I can heavily relate to and I can drive the meaning behind the words with lots of imagery, as for pain I currently feel, not so much. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been there, it more so means that I have learned how to control the negative emotions and have learned how to keep myself together while expressing things that I think others can identify with.

      No reason to say sorry, I appreciate your dropping in 🙂


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