Jagged Scars

This poem is about a tough time, it could be a relationship, it could be a number of different things, the idea behind it is there is that long wait for change. the change never comes around, the days feel the same, and the pain inside is like an endless echo that one can’t get away from.

If you relate to this leave a comment, if it made you feel something, let me know. I appreciate knowing how my writing relates to readers and how they can identify with it. Thanks.

Jagged Scars

The jagged scars of failure
They carve a place for me
And then they gave a set of eyes
So that I could see
The drift of pain that laced the air
And took away my need
Left me broken, not a care
Left as a wound to slowly bleed

Ache is pulsing in my veins
Each beat is thriving filled with shame

Where every breath is crippling
And every moment’s numbing
You can’t prepare for what is there
And what will soon be coming
Fear died away in tired sighs
Eyes exercised, encased with lies
There never was a time, a chance
Only a voice without a stance

The exhausted cries that hypnotize
And make you believe this is the end

I smile to mislead you
The truth is without grain
Substance of a soul that’s lost
That’s engraved with pain
Each moment missing something
My throat is dry and raw
These emotions I’ve been choking on
As I wait on fate’s lost call

The damage you have done to me
I’ll never let you really see

I cover up the jagged scars
They line me like a maze
Each leading to a point in me
Where I had lost my way
Each step I take misleading
I simply don’t know anymore
I’ve wandered lost for so long
I’m empty at the core

Won’t you lend me a hand
I have nowhere to turn

I lock the world away inside
It’s labeled dead to me
A tortured soul somehow set free
Yet now I’m lost with only me
You tell me it is all right
That the end will be okay
Yet I’ve been with you for years
I’m still waiting for that day

Every day it feels the same
I’m waiting for that sudden change

I’ve been living the same day forever
And I can’t seem to get away

Image from: www.fanpop.com

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