This poem is about choice, and the consequence of choices. It’s about the battle of good versus evil, bad versus good, and the overall moral compass of right and wrong.


The path is pierced with stickered thorns
Dating to the day you’re born
The clouds misshaped, split apart
Then it began- you’re beating heart

The hopeless gleam that lit your eyes
The heart that’s black- the birth of lies
It was the time the world split
The good: The evil: The half of it

The thriving blood inside the vein
The cross of hope invoked with pain
The sacrifice involved with dreams
Where nothing is just what it seems

A step toward fate: A leap toward goal
A mass of flesh which you control
The puppet strings tied to your wrists
That you control with simple twists

Each action bold; reactions new
Emotions beat; bold, black and blue
You are the nightmare of my mind
From that first breath; you marked mankind

There is one that walks the air
There is the one beneath the stairs
From each perspective: brazen minds
A choice of life for souls to find

One embracing with the light
The other shadowed by the night
Life is perceived as living choice
Surrounded by vast passing noise

The echoes of what we decide
That grants the chance to feel alive
Close your eyes; imagine still

Angel; Devil; you choose your will


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2 thoughts on “Salvation

    • Hey,
      Thanks for dropping in :). Yeah, I was looking for an image that portrayed the split of angel/demon and I thought it got the part quite well 🙂 glad you liked it as well. Having effective imagery with the words helps picture the story of the poetry, in a way. Or maybe it’s early and I’m not thinking quite clearly just yet, haha.
      Appreciate your comment.


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