Deck of Broken Throughts

I’m looking at your shadow
Entranced by the darker side
I would try to read your lips
But they’re too full of lies
And the poison that they spill
Has made me so corrupt inside
Has put me in this shallow hole
Made of all that I despise

I’d try to cure this disease
But it’s all that’s left to believe
And when I need that push in me
The sting becomes all that I see
And at the end of this tragic story
Coated relief, with a pinch of glory
Finally i can hold my head up high
And let it all go in the breath of a sigh

Cause it’s not that I can’t keep on going
It’s a future that’s grim, and the sake of knowing
I’d try to keep it all, keep it alive and ticking
But my heart won’t have it, it keeps on kicking
Something inside just wont agree
Is it me or you? Or is it you with me?
It’s just one thing not meant to be
So I take the thought and bend it with envy

Now I hold this deck of broken thoughts
Chasing dreams never meant to be caught
In the transparency of a memory
Life continues to play, always tempting me
I crack it all together with one final push
And put it away to live for tomorrow

When you can’t take that moment of sincerity
You live a hope, a dream, a concept of empty.


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