Scribe of Destiny


The keeper of the darker times
Is always there when you look to find
Passing the pulsing, thriving shards
Throwing pain like a pack of cards
The eyes that set with self-defeat
Waiting numb with a heart that beats
It takes just a second of misplaced time
To process a thought I could never find

He’s never met the courage to see
To invoke the power inside to be
Cause when you break the chain that holds
The distinct feeling of loss and cold
The air will thin, the fog will clear
Instinct will free and break the fear
It takes that second just to see
Everything that you could be

There may be clouds out in the sky
Enough to reason, and ask why
To recognize the pain, control the sighs
And grasp control with firm goodbyes
The things you deal with and go through
Lead to learn what you never knew
So with open eyes and fate’s firm hand
Become the strength to take a stand

The feeling inside is chaos tuned
An odd event that seems too soon
The change found in the blink of an eye
A whispered tune we like to deny
This song of constant torture and pain
Can change in a moment, left never the same
Absolve the air, take a moment to see
Reach inside for that thing you’re claiming to be

Each step designed to break my knees
Until I found and chose to believe
I could scream until my lungs give out
You still don’t know, what’s this all about?
I’m a serene twist in fates design
That shows that life’s well worth the climb
Take the shadow of a second, just believe
Imagine, then a step, to pretend and be

Half the battle, self-belief
The rest is all that waits to be
The courage that lies there, just beneath
A reflection of what you use to see
That inner thought you once conspired
Can come to life with sudden fire
Push beyond the wall you place
And find the pride, it’s there to face

The image set inside the mind
Is there for you- It’s there to find
When you need a sign to somehow see
To push and give reason to be
This time to find, it’s for a way
To cast away the common day
Grasp the moments, cherish true
Redefine the thought of you

It’s as dark as you wish it to be
With a heart that’s worn on your sleeve
Reach that feeling that you contain
Break apart the misplaced pain
This riddle of the time, words left unsaid
Bring them to life inside your head

You close your eyes, imagine a place
This is the world you choose to face
You claim the time, the place to see
You claim yourself, and what you’ll be

So just pretend, take a moment to breathe
Become the scribe of destiny
Cause with that pen inside your hand
You choose your path, and where you’ll stand


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6 thoughts on “Scribe of Destiny

    • Thank you for stopping in and checking the poem out, I appreciate it 🙂 Yeah, ultimately, I look at it like we all have a fair amount of control over where our lives lead us, while there are unpredictable moments, it’s a matter of managing things the best we can and making due with what we have.
      Glad you enjoyed the writing 🙂


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