Where did America Go?

I’m not patriotic, or political, and truthfully it’s hard to be when you mentally bookmark our societies point of view on a lot of things. When I say our society, I speak in reference to the USA viewpoint, it’s where I’m from, therefore, what I’m familiar with. The headlines that are often times found in the news are the errors we make, or issues that are put in the public spotlight for nothing more but the controversy and the sensitivity based around the given ‘topic’.

I just finished watching Lone Survivorand while in fact it was a good movie, the book was something that I could connect with even more (probably because I read it first when it came out at x publication date, I don’t recall). The story is about a Navy Seal that goes into Afghanistan and watches his best friends die in an effort to sacrifice and better the world we live in.

The lack of hostility toward children in the hostile area of Afghanistan led to a mission being compromised, the loss of a man’s best friends, bloodshed, and emotional outpour.

Lone Survivor is the kind of movie that you can watch and you feel a sense of pride watching, additionally however, people that are in the service are able to watch this movie and understand in a way that many people won’t be able to.

Unless you are someone that lives in the moment and understands the loss of people that you love, grasp the hardship that you never know what tomorrow may bring, and experience true warfare, it is simply something impossible to truly grasp. This leaves many people on a global scale in a place in which we don’t understand what people in the service truly go through.

We can somewhat embrace the love and loyalty for another, but nothing like the bond that one carries when people are relying on one another to survive.

Lone Survivor displays the emotional impact of sacrifice, putting life on the line to save a friend, losing people that have a bond that is unforgettable, and the pain of moving forward.

Along with this movie there is another one from about 6 months ago that tells a story where a man is writing a letter to his son in case he dies, and eventually he does in fact die. He misses the birth of his son, but all these letters that he put together were read to his son as he grew up to know how much his father loved him, and the sacrifices that were undergone to give the child a safe and steady life.

With all this emotional hardship around these factors it makes me cringe when I think of the patriotic values that have been destroyed over the past few years, the lack of overall true support for armed forces, and the fact that the US is truthfully run by cowards.

There are all these headlines where there is concern about the immigrants and feeling bad for them. There are various concerns about whether prisoners are being treated with proper respect to human life. It drives me crazy when I truly think about it and I’m not even patriotic.

I think about how we are trying to civilize a culture that is about 50% corrupt, I think about how they don’t play by the rules, how they strap bombs to people and suicide charge, I think about how prisoners that fall into the hand of the Afghan troops are most likely tortured and murdered, yet we sit here and question whether or not the Afghan prisoners we have are being given a proper amount of water and whether or not they have been to a spa lately.

Where did America go? The pride that stood behind our values has been destroyed. It went from a land of opportunity to a land of economic recession. We took the idea of being a part of the military forces and defending America as something that came with a ton of pride and belief, and now half the battle is done debating whether or not proper laws are being met and whether we are treating prisoners the ‘right’ way.

It makes everyone that viewed the past as a proud reminder of what America at one time did represent: freedom, loyalty, and belief for a better place, and now, it is completely structured around ‘x’ expectations and fear about what the media reports.

I know very little about military operation, but I know enough to know that decision are made around what the media will say about things, and whether it will be considered ‘favorable’ to people who don’t agree with violence, well tell that to someone who had to bury their son or daughter. Someone that had to watch their brother die to keep our land safe and to curve the threat of some kind of violent oppression from coming our way.

We owe a lot more to the armed forces then they are given, instead there is the constant cloud of whether or not this action or that action is being reported and exposing the military for a decision that is violent or impulsive. How is the media in any place to create an opinion when in fact they aren’t the one putting their body in front of a threat, or having to live away from their family and the people they love.

It is easy to critique something when you don’t personally experience it for yourself.

There are so many efforts put forth that circulate around the ‘other guy’ whether it is Afghanistan, immigrants, whatever the case may be, what the hell happened to placing a lot of focus around the people who live and belong in America? Why isn’t there a large amount of focus on bettering our lives, pulling us out of recession, creating jobs so people can properly support their families, and keeping our military feared and safe.

We live in a world now that is corrupted by rules that others don’t wish to follow, but we try to follow to exhibit a ‘role model’ for the rest of the world. Last I checked role models are looked up to, but they also aren’t putting themselves in a headlock questioning whether or not the next breath will come through. The way America has handled anything these past few years has led to a drastic decline in pride, and without pride and belief in what a country stands for, we stand lost and broken.

Support needs to be re-gathered, the important values that we used to run on need to be brought back to the surface, and trying to be the rest of the worlds ‘Superman’ needs to be put on hold. So many lives have been impacted by poor decision and further lack of support, and people have been lost that are never coming back. The world truly needs to open its eyes, well maybe not the world, but America sure as hell does.

This is essentially a shout out to say the armed forces deserve a lot more credit than they get. They put a lot on the line and more often then not they only get to hear the bad side of things. This is to show some appreciation, and while I’m only one person, everyone that puts their voice out there makes them recognize that much more how valued they truly are.

Just my thoughts…


2 thoughts on “Where did America Go?

  1. Thank you! So much focus is spent on helping others, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, help begins at home. Everyone else is waiting for someone else to speak up. The problem is that one voice will not make a difference.

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    • We have a gutless layout of leaders. People making military decisions that have never even been in combat, therefore can’t understand what is actually going on, and a lot of people are experiencing incredible loss and being handed a flag as if it will somehow bring some comfort along with it.

      I’m not patriotic, but I am very familiar with loss and hardship. I can’t imagine what people go through with that grieving. We have Obama who I believe is being voted as one of the worst presidents ever, to top it off he is a borderline immigrant and worried about the mexicans. I saw on the news the other day someone reporting about how a mother’s daughter immigrated here from Honduras and hasn’t spoken to her for so long because she isn’t legal, and they were trying to make it a sob story? Easy solution, don’t come here.

      I’m not racist but I am practical. People are suffering here and jobs are being taken over between outsourcing and hiring illegal’s for cheap labor, the end result is the goofed up economy we have now.


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