Reaching Out

This poem could be representing of a lot of things, a loss of love, a loss of a child, a loss of something powerful object in our lives. It talks about the value, the times of faking emotional stability to try and keep going, but in the end the loss we all can relate to.


Reaching Out

I am life dressed in decay
The numbing words that make you stay
The whispers and false promises
You cant blame me for trying
While I held you close to me
I could feel us dying

Paint a smile on my face
And show the past; the faintest trace
Let me know this wont last forever
I’m not the person I use to be
The shadows of past are all I seem to see
Where is the light in this miracle mile
This twisted place without a smile

I’d paint you a picture
But I’ve said all there is to say
And picking up the broken pieces
Won’t change the light of day
We are in this moment
Stuck and made to see
All the fractured pieces
That once could complete me

Every step is sweet in stride
A stroke of luck to heartless eyes
Taint my soul with your pain
After all,  it’s all the same
Take the step, ill show the way
Some company may help me stay

The air is colder every day
This lack of space for the lonely

What if every steps for nothing
If your best is still falling short
When every breath is that something
A reason to keep on living for
This weight that’s settled deep in me
Is pulling me down without a sound

Show me something, anything

Imperfection is the grave
The crypt that is containing me
The questions in the folds of time
Don’t make a bit of sense to me

So wont you look into my eyes
And take a guess how long ago
Since i could bare to look ahead
When loss is all I’ve ever known
There has to be that someone
That show others how to see
The greatest lessons come from pain
The lessons that compose what’s me

Someone has to be that example
To show there is a chance

The grasp to know the dirty secrets
The vengeful cruelty
The tainted bits of memory
That choke the past with misery

When tomorrow seems so far away
The moment seems forever
I will craft painful goodbyes
And crease them in a single letter
I never knew how to let go
I was crafted as a thing with need
And as I let go of it all
I watch my life slowly bleed

Cause you need to feel something
When nothing is left to reach out for


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