Last Breath

Chains hold me down to the floor
Hopes cold and withered to the core
An ash of what they used to be
A shriveled grain of my humanity

Take a picture to remember me
Cause the days are wearing me away
And I’m running out of things to say
The silence of a prayer is all that remains

I’m breaking in a pool of glass
Spread at my feet like shards of past
That pieced together remain true
Along with scars, still black and blue

Cause it’s not what I see, or even wish
It’s not what is beyond control
It’s that part that’s hidden away
The hidden pigment of my soul

You can’t always hide; pretend; or fake
When your shoulders feel like they could break
A heart slashed open; a gaping hole
Cause life has changed; beyond control

It’s not about changing what you need to be
It’s about surviving; with a hope to believe
That today could be tomorrow’s past
Or the weight could win, this breath as the last

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