My Generation Has Self Esteem Problems

I’m ready to admit it, but sadly it’s something that seems to get ignored. It’s easier to look the other way though, to not consider the amount of people who simply don’t have the power to believe in themselves anymore. I view it like the world keeps on ticking, but the problems get ignored consistently, but I’m not even worried about the problems, I’m more-so worried about how many people struggle looking into the mirror and being happy with what is looking back at them.

I know the feeling well enough, I’ve fought depression a lot of my life, and not always in an ‘effective’ manner, I turned to vodka and rum a number of times to drown out my pity, only to find myself feeling it amplified the next day.

My generation has more self esteem problems than anyone, and for good reason. I hear stories, I read various events that plague life and the world, and a few things stick out to me a lot more than others and feel that I should make a point of pointing these things out. My generation has incredible self-esteem issues and here is why:

Success being on one’s own

If you travel back in time there is a very notable difference between living today, and living 20 years ago. 20 years ago: It was possible to take on a full time job, secure a mortgage, make a car payment,  and support a family all on 1 adult working full-time.

This isn’t to claim that people can’t make it on their own, but it is to say that the cost of living has gone up drastically, and the full-time jobs available have vanished. A lot of people have been forced to take on roommates, or move back in with family, and lets face it, no one likes moving back in with mom and dad. Sure, we love our parents (most of us) but once you get out from their roof the idea of going back is a nightmare.

We value our independence and privacy, the loss of it is killer.

My generation is socially retarded

With all the development of technology, the Twitter accounts, the Facebook, LinkedIn, and several other examples that I don’t want to list, people have forgotten how to simply talk to one another. There is so much interaction on the social frameworks that when you see someone out in public and say “hello” it’s almost an alien kind of feeling.

This is a gateway to self esteem issues of its own. When you can’t simply make casual conversation what does it do to someones self-esteem? They begin to feel unapproachable, which ultimately, makes them feel poorly about themselves.  It’s to the point that we can’t even go to a movie or the park without seeing someone that has their iPhone out and wasting the day away.

Don’t get me wrong, I play my fun applications, but the value of the moment is something that still needs to be acknowledged. You take away the opportunity to build valued memories when you cloud them with the technology of todays world.

Families have forgotten how to support

I will choose not to go into my own personal venture of this, but I will make a claim that is true just about everywhere. The idea of support has been completely lost. Most family structures are more oppressive then they are supportive. When you have a family member that can say:

“You have to make your own decisions and I will support and wish the best for you”, that is a supportive family member. Instead a lot of the time we run into situations where there is a constant put down and transfer of aggression and negativity. People have their self esteem destroyed before they even have the chance to develop an identity.

The very idea about being able to just be yourself has been hindered. The end result is a generation that simple doesn’t know how to believe in itself, it’s a mesh of broken individuals that are simply wondering what the hell it feels like to be cared about.

How screwed up is that? When people are so hungry to simply feel the simplest affections so that they can feel like they have a place that they can be welcome and actually feel loved?

It’s overlooked often, but it is so important to tell the people that you love that you do in fact love them, because so many people walk around feeling like they have no one to turn to. This kind of loss and emptiness is what drives people over the edge, and more now than ever you hear about those crazy outrages: people taking their lives, lashing out in extremity, and it is all because they felt like no one gave a shit about them.

How hard is it to take a moment to remind someone “Hey, you are great, I really admire x about you”, it is a moment of time to let someone know that they have special things going for them. It’s this moment that doesn’t happen enough that leaves people empty and wishing for something to live for.

Expression is frowned upon

This is similar, but different to the support thing. Everyone has a way of expressing themselves, and it is incredibly important that they are encouraged to do so. If you bottle up everything inside it gradually becomes overwhelming.

People put out there what they really feel and it becomes an angle of critique. Granted, judgment is an unavoidable factor in life, it doesn’t need to be something that is suppressing, constructive critique is one thing, negative out lash is another.

People need to be encouraged and put in a place where they can vent what is going on inside. That confidence of being able to simply state what’s going on in their mind and heart is the very thing that develops trust and allows great relationships to stem.


I could go deeper into all this, about the economy being a horrid mess, about how educations are being accomplished only to find a job network that runs on who you know as opposed to a specific skill-set (again, most of the time), but the fact is, I’m trying to keep this geared around the fact that most people in my generation feel the firm impact of solitude.

People have forgotten how to be supportive, how to be there, and worst of all, how to simply let someone else know that they matter a lot more then they realize.

Everyone has come across that painful impact of feeling completely alone. It can break someone in ways that have no definition, take the time to let people know they matter. The world keeps slipping away into a darker hole of negativity, it’s about time some changes were put into effect to make people feel alive again.


5 thoughts on “My Generation Has Self Esteem Problems

    • Hello Erik,
      I find in life the challenge of the paths labeled ‘impossible’ often lead to the greatest opportunities. The most effective way to approach challenge is with the open mind of knowing that you can’t control all outcomes, but you can control your input into various tasks and goals. It’s all about the management of one’s actions, and the coordination of these actions with the unexpected bumps that come up in life’s complex design. Thanks for dropping in.


    • Hello,
      Thanks for dropping in and taking the time to read over it. It’s a shame really, a lot of people have it driven into their minds that they are incapable of living up to their dreams and it completely shackles people to depression. Makes it hard to accomplish things when the belief isn’t there to begin with. I’m glad you could relate to this post, keep in touch.


      • Agreed. I have also found that it can cause a disparity between the way we think about our lives versus the way we actually choose to live our lives. If we deeply desire to live a certain way or to accomplish our dreams but are too fearful to risk failure, we may cope with the reality that our lives miss the mark by constructing idealistic beliefs on what life, love, and purpose should look like – but these ideas exist only within our minds.

        We can say we believe life is about one grandiose thing or another, but until we actually follow through with our beliefs on a day to day, “tangible” basis, we’re simply living in a delusion…


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