I’m the wound inflicted deep
The shadow haunting in your sleep
I’m the noise beneath the bed
I’m the scattered voices in your head

I’m the scraping on the wall
I’m the hurt that you breathe
I’m the break point when you fall
The pain that brings you to your knees

So look at me, restrained for air
And plead to me, show that you care

Dream for tomorrow, it’s the day
When you can wish this all away

Aware of it all the time
But I go on, living blind
Losing steps as the time goes
Where I’ll end up, I never know

Close your eyes, pressed to the glass
That’s shattered like the dreams that pass
Left broken, smeared across the ground
Forgotten, void of any sound

So look past all the irony
Embrace the hidden harmony
Take that second to believe
While there’s still time to find- and be

Don’t have to drown in sullen ways
Can close your eyes; pretend today
Find the whispers, embrace the home
A place to pass time, all alone


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