Every time I look in the mirror
I’m reminded about the paths I take
The road I met with an empty plate
And a dream that drifted away

The makeup has dripped down my face
And I can’t imagine another place
That would let me see myself the same
I’m trying, dying, to hide this pain

So I guess it’s goodbye, please know I tried

I can’t seem to cut deep enough
Inside it’s fake, it’s all a bluff
And as much as I want to let go
I care just enough to see tomorrow

Shattered glass reminds me of my life
Jagged choice, those roads met with a knife
And a patch of very real scars
The broken wish placed on a star

It seems like every night I’m at this window
Staring at the same street, the same eyes
Focusing on the same words, the same lies
I just want a taste of sorrow

And still I’m breathing still
On a reach of reminder that I can be someone
The pain inside still hasn’t won
But the blocks and the strains are enough to blind
Blind me from what I could find

That could shed a light to where I should be

So hold out a lamp, spare a guide
Pull me from the broken side
Cause I need a taste of purity before this sets in
Cause the pain is beginning to taste too familiar

And I think I’m about to break
So feel with a fragile hand, a fragile mind
Take a step that’s worth the climb
Cause I don’t want to view this alone anymore
And I need something to lean on

This is going to be one hell of a fall


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