Watch the World Burn

I still see you standing there
A moment coated, three shades of despair
The locks of your hair; the grin on your face
And the faint memory; of a dream you can’t chase
It’s close to 3 am. And I can’t feel a thing
The aspirin’s working, but whiskey’s the sting

The poison hits me; and takes me away
And I can’t convince myself to stay

My eyes look like they’ve seen a ghost
Cause empty is all they seem to know
And when you peer inside my dark despair
Empty holes; my dreams are bare

You find bits of time, beyond repair
As a shadow fades, a soul once there
Taking in the defeated scenery
A place that once lived from a sweet memory

A whisper in the dark; it teases the ears
Inside is color blind, over-ridden with fears
Everything is beginning to look the same
Each tattoo an engraving to a world of pain

The stories pile up, the ink is getting real
It starts to turn to blood with the more that I feel
I’m spilling out what’s left, cause It’s only seconds
And I have more to say then time will provide

So please just listen, give a dose of concern
While I tell my little story and the lesson learned
When the world becomes a place on it’s final turn
Sit back and watch as the world burns

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