Dreams that Never Bloom

Prosperity; It’s bare to me
A worn heart and skidded knees
It’s the brush off from reality
It’s the vivid loathing; the darkness I see
The stitched up fragment of my memory
And the need, a need. I have to feed

I’m crafted with bone; a pure design
A fractured hope composed of time

The clock ticks with a rigid rhyme
Caught by the empty thoughts of mine
A still of words held in the air;
You’d know them as a simple prayer
I knew them as salvation’s hand
When it seemed, simply, like a time to let go

I dance at midnight with despair
To grind with a heightened desperation

Hope has a way of linking deep
A gentle touch embraced with sleep
A lullaby never meant so much
Because waking up meant feeling more
It’s these times; we soon expire
Becoming fuel to damaged fire

Cause as hopes slowly are consumed
We’re left with dreams that cannot bloom

Let me know your thoughts

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