Restrained and helpless
This broken me
The beauty of atrocity

Strain out the faith
Then blend with me
Loss is always there to see

Hidden virtues, hard to find
Forever there, to make you blind

Dowse my self-control with pain
An impulse that’s too lost to tame

The shadows dance inside my eyes
With moments left; no place to hide

I watch two forces soon collide
A journey still, where i had died

Count the time back from ten
Time is lost, lets live again

Too lost to know the fake from real
Too broken to know what to feel

Shadows take my form and wear my face
And I’m feeling further and further away

I’m tangled in a web that’s thick
Obscenities the half of it

…. and I can only smile

A countdown to a mental stir
I’m getting lost in babbled words
My heart is laced with shades of gray
As poison fills my darkened veins

The scars that trace emotions tip
The hate and dread, the half of it

The outer shell to countless cries
All coming to a final sigh
No alibi, no place to be
A dark that feeds on agony

And in these final hours
What’s left of me slowly devoured

And I realize I no longer feel like myself…

2 thoughts on “Restrained

    • Hey,
      Thanks for checking out the writing, I appreciate it. It’s not so much good or bad, it is poetic. A line to inspire thought, to picture a place of challenge, both in mind and spirit.
      Thanks for the support,


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