Walk Away

I sold my soul, in a fold
Slowly lost touch with control
When there’s so little left
You get left here, in the cold

Voice is brittle, so I’m told

The things they say
The words that scold
When nothings left
What’s there to hold?

I look away, another day
This pain inside, no words can say

So here I am, I’m left to wait
As blood turns cold, love turns to hate
I’m stuck  alone, beat to the bone
Left here broken, with no home

With nowhere left for me to go
I feel this hole slowly grow
Feeding pain only I know
Deeper with each coming blow

The pain’s the same, it’s in my veins
Each pulse tame to the taste of shame

It’s this void deep within my chest
It’s beats but has nothing left
The deeper you press, the darker the mess
The pain is pumping without rest

And still I reach to somehow see
If there’s any hope for me
A memory bleeds, it’s what can be
Time ticks until we can perceive

It’s why I can never believe

Tomorrow is torn, yesterday’s late
As a shadow I sit, I wonder and wait

I wish I could see, some place I could be
I’m locked away, with only me

I lay here broken, beat, and pale
The air is empty, dry and stale
Yet it’s all the same to me
I’m just waiting for tomorrow

The world is dark, the shade is the same
Another loss looking for blame

I take it and try to believe
Yet there’s nothing left for me

I march on a road, straight to hell
Yet, You could never tell

History of my past
As they say
What’s meant to be
And what can’t last

So I will drift, and I will stir
I’ll watch as the world starts to blur

And when I choose to look away
The world won’t stand to be the same

Yet it’s time and I must say
It is my time to walk away

Let me know your thoughts

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