Fallen Angel

My eyes keep seeing riddles
Seeing what they want to see
Caught inside the spider-web
Of hope thats drenched in misery

A mind that can’t help but think
A heart that’s cursed to feel
Stuck inside a broken dream
Where everything’s  too real

I could close my eyes forever
To hide from this reality
The composition that is left
Dreams of ash and frailty

I wander in this torn world
The ground has cracked with age
Littered with the broken hopes
Turned like a book’s next page

I feel the scars along my back
We used to have our wings
Descended from the sky above
Our king no longer sings

Our eyes are red from all the lies
Our hearts are black from all that’s died
And with one last final sight
We cleared our eyes and said goodbye

At one time you called us ‘angel’
Until we dared to thirst for more
Cast away into the night
Left with the title ‘holy war’

Image from: http://la-sagne.deviantart.com/art/Fallen-Angel-1-1-143099026


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