A Step Toward Something More

The twisted tales on my tongue
Could break a mind forever
A story forged from the darkest roads
The jagged corners of loss and need

A fragment of white noise with a voice
In a world pledged toward pretending

When eyes can no longer mislead the pain
The camouflage of strength falls away
Life as we no it, no longer the same
We walk as a puppet, responding to shame

As slaves to misfortune; as scribes for the lost
Living by choice, taming pain as our cost

As the cracks inside soon multiply
The grip on control is nothing but a dream
Inside is a feast of broken whispers
And I fear that I’m losing myself

The sorrow seeps in, familiar shades
Yet, it all looks the same

The illusion I spin is wearing thin
Am I someone worth saving now?
When the things that I believe in
Are the very things tearing me apart

Each breath is bending time
Making room for what’s been lost

Today is the tear of a wound inside
A splinter in our deepest comforts
There is no choice but to move forward
To bury the unforgiving nightmares

and take a step toward something more



It seems like Holding on was my most favored poem. If you can give me feedback as to what was liked so much about that particular one I can try to write more that synch up to its style type. Feel free to give me feedback and tell me what you would like to see more of in my writing.

Feedback will help me improve. I appreciate anyone who reads this, thank you.



Image from: sanaakosirickylee.wordpress.com

Let me know your thoughts

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