Eternal Bliss

This poem more or less is a bit more creative, more based around a supernatural kind of relationship, ultimately I would point it in the direction of a ‘vampire’ scenario, but it can be whatever you’d like it to be.

Another way of looking at it would be the concept of love being ever lasting. Interpretation can be whatever you would like it to be. Hope the poem is enjoyed.

Eternal Bliss

Coats of anguish cast my eyes
To a scene not recognized
Tears no longer mean a thing
Immune to a heart’s fatal sting
I’m eternal, ever-lasting
Life keeps moving, always passing
You held me down, made it hurt
All the while I was alert

So won’t you lay with me forever

You tore me down, but I believe
You can’t change the real me
Inside rests collection, all my scars
Yet scars don’t change who we are
Clear your eyes, let yourself see
And learn the clutch, to simply be

I will rest forever, knowing you’re here with me

I see the sorrow rest inside
I can be the help to hide
I am anguish; firm desire
A hope that burns; eternal fire
I cast you, beneath my wing
Walk with me toward what life brings

We will always have each other
With me you can be forever

All the pain, all the lies
All the things I despise
You are there, protecting me
Showing things I couldn’t see
You are breathless, sweet detail
The one I trust to never fail
Cast your shadow over me
We will walk this plane forever

As long as you are by my side

You took me in, watched me heal
Taught me how to grow and feel
I was lost in my own way
And then you came and chose to stay
I lost it all for you, you turned around
And made this true
We are chemistry
You are the other half of me

We are eternal in our way
Together, linked, we choose to stay



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