This is a poem about putting the pieces of a life back together again, about looking for faith and finding confusion, about that need to simply believe in something.

I felt like Shatter would be a good title because nothing explains the condition we are in better then the word shatter, we are scattered, broken, and needing some reason to push on.

As pieces of us are broken and shattered we find ways to pick ourselves up, but who is it that we end up being as a result? This is about that journey all together.


Stranded, I can’t see
This hurricane of a life
Is crashing down, over me
I haven’t seen the sunset in ages
Maybe it’s because I’m so closed away
I’m just now remembering to catch my breath

So don’t let go…it’s just a little while

Pave my way with good intentions
Assumptions have a way of being two faced
So take me by surprise
Spell it out before my eyes
The weather is beginning to change
And I don’t know what’s right for me

I need a taste of faith…something to believe

I’m tired of leaning the wrong way
It seems like no path is worth the follow
The bitter truths are too much to swallow
And nothing can get my thoughts straight
So make me comfortable for this collision
It’s gonna be heard miles away

When I’m crossed with indecision
All I’m looking for is a way out
Something that sheds a bit of light
On a time that’s filled with lonely nights
To give the word believe a meaning again
I’m two blocks from being lost for good

The pieces of me are shattered
And far too broken, left incomplete
As I put them all back together
What will it make me in the end?

This image is from long ago and I don’t know where it came from. If anyone knows please tell me and I will give proper credit, but I will say it is not from me.


Let me know your thoughts

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