Cloak of Indecision

What is this I’ve become
Unfamiliar face of past
Mocking stillness in the air
With that sweet taste of despair
Seeking for that spark in the eyes
That shows the faintest trace of life
Before the chapter’s finalized
And cut in half with a dull knife

In this maze we call a fate
Corners we meet, and times that end
Holding your breath for a reason
That need to believe in something

Belief can turn emotions blend
Make something from this pretend

Indecision is a cloak
A shroud advising a broken mind
When you have a grasp on something so beautiful
It’s the unspoken doubts that sink the dream
A wounded vessel, a torn place
A shadow laced in pain we face
It’s that thirst to feel a need
A thirst to be something more

When lessons are simply a tale
Molded from ripples from when we fail

I’m a dreamer with a heart
A step from an end, a place to start
When you face the shallow hole
The hole where you have lost it all
New beginning’s start to crawl
It’s the things inside the riddles
That grant the sense to be
The lessons weaved inside the past
The gift hidden in memories

It’s not how much you feel
But what you learn from a feeling

Grasping at the corners of a torn page
The inspiration of a moment not felt for days
Life fading out, inside a daze
It’s the hidden need, no words can say
A dream is a place we can be
The very things that drive our hope

The craft of blending hardened times
Into a story made to find
A tale seeking for a place
To rest our soul, and find our face
The quest that’s linked deep inside
Found while staring toward an open sky
Is that feeling we all seek to see
The defined moment, to simply be

We scale the world in a search
To simply understand our place
Haunted by fears that are engraved
Linked to the space of unfamiliar
With each ripple of pain we seal
Learned in the background, how to feel
The white noise of the common place
And the change of wind for things we chase

It’s about reaching without a hope to find
It’s about not knowing, but investing time
It’s about believing, with a hope it’s true
It’s about pretending, while embracing you
It’s about seeing, with a hope to dream
It’s about hoping, but feeling your way

It’s what you can’t see, the times we grow
Living with the thought, you never know


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