Paranormal Theories and Observations

The title probably sounds a lot more “official” than where I am going with this post, but, whatever, my attention span is currently not in working order so it will have to do for now. Maybe I’ll change it later.

I want to talk about paranormal stuff, if for no other reason because I’ve not talked or thought about it for quite a long time now. It used to be quite an interesting part of my life ( real story, I don’t bullshit from my personal experiences. That one is one that has stuck with me since it happened.

Paranormal occurrences get downplayed a lot, it doesn’t help that you hand any person with an interest in the paranormal a K2 meter and they suddenly think they are a qualified ghost hunter. The fact is, there will always be people that tell real stories that they personally experience, and then there will be the people who have seen one too many ghost shows and suddenly feel they are entitled to have their own experience.

When you have your own experience you can truly explain the situation and there are certain ‘feelings’ that one simply can’t put to words unless they are truly experiencing something, which is going to be what this post is about, truth, validity to an actual experience.

There are a lot of shows out there that put together a lot of interesting information. My personal favorite is “A Haunting”, I feel like they have the creepiest stories, but aside from that solid choices are: Ghost Adventures, My Haunted House, My Ghost Story, Paranormal Witness, and Ghost Lab.

Those are, in my opinion, the best ones.

Then you have the ones such as: Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, and to me, they just suck. They started the shows that surrounded this topic sure, but they have gone down hill significantly over the years, whereas the other ones have sealed a larger audience with stories and backgrounds of places that draw more people ot watch it. Especially Ghost Adventures that for a Halloween episode conducted an investigation via stream which allowed the audience ot get involved, watch the cameras live, and point out things that they felt might be paranormal oriented. The more engaged the audience, the more successful, no?

Anyway, I watch a lot of these shows, and some of the stuff comes off really interesting, and some of the stuff simply causes me to roll my eyes and think about how ridiculous the ‘ghost fact’ is.  So, lets go into a few of these things, shall we?

When energy is discovered in a room it can be a number of things, it can be seen as a heat signature via a thermal camera, or it can be a spike of electric current in the air. The two popular ways of defining this are: the K2 meter, and the thermal cam which I believe is a FLIR. The Flir ranges from $3-$5 thousand bucks so I don’t have any experience with that one, but lets talk about the way energy FEELS when it is changing around you, and to that I have one single way of explaining it: a spider web.

Walking through an energy spike in a room feels like walking through spider webs. It feels like you walk through a spider web, except that there is no spider web. It’s that that weird kind of feeling like you are weaving through it, but there is nothing to pull away, there is no pain involved, just a weird feeling.

Human Intuition
There is a lot of debate about whether an entity is ‘good’ or ‘evil’, and a lot of time it can be a very long road to truly define that, but one thing is very clear, if it’s bad enough, our bodies let us know. Put it this way, there is a kind of human intuition that can identify malevolence, it can identify if something around you is evil, and the signature that we read it as is: fear. If you feel you are experiencing something and it is of an evil nature, than your body will feel discomfort, fear, panic, ect. It will tell you essentially to get the hell out of there.

If the ghost is of a non-malevolent place, say a family member that hasn’t moved on yet (that didn’t hate you in real life), then the body will have the response primarily of curiosity. Again, this is one of those things that one be fully understood unless you have had an experience and try to identify directly with it.

I think orbs are completely stupid to use in any way of validating a place as haunted. The fact is, a little piece of dust that starts floating in the air can be what creates an orb in an image. Take that in addition to various reflections that may occur in a room, and countless other possibilities of creating image dysfunction, and the outcome is that orbs are a weak way of determining any given place as ‘haunted’.

Ouija boards
For every idiot that exists that thinks that these can lead to no harm, as mentioned earlier in the sentence, you are an idiot. First off, there is A LOT to know about ouija board, when I toyed with one I was well-read into the occult out of basic interest and personal things I needed to validate. When I used one I still was not prepared for what came from it.
The fact is, not much scares me. I’m not a tough guy, I simply don’t scare easy because I feel like I can control the outcome of most situations, when you use a ouija board, you don’t control a damn thing.
The fact is, like it or not, there are spirits out there, there are evil spirits, lost spirits, good spirits, it’s like a big bag of question when you use a board. Unfortunately, most times you will get an evil entity, and in the worst cases you will be bringing on a hell spawn your way.
Think I don’t feel like a nut writing that? I do, but the fact is the shit exists and I know first hand from dealing with an evil entity, with a strong possibility it was demonic in nature. It could change the atmosphere of a room, it could manipulate my computers images to move and do weird things, and it had the power to fully manifest and cause me to leave a house I was renting out.
Ouija boards are simply better off left alone, even the most experiences users can encounter difficulty with them, and they can be very difficult to ‘shut’, as in the door you open when you play with one.
If you look into ouija board stories there is never a happy ending, it’s not simply because of bad luck, it is because of the nature of what the board is most likely to attract.

In my opinion EVPS are the most credited way of analyzing a place and coming up with the label of whether it is in fact haunted. EVPS, outside of television reception (aka turn your TV’s off), are pretty much non-debatable. I’ve gotten clear class A EVPS as they call them, a voice saying “Get what you came for and go away”, I showed it to people that were in fact very skeptical, I became very familiar with Adobe Audition and how to synch up sound waves to block out the normal vocal levels for human speaking and centralized the audio waves around the signature most relevant to spiritual ‘voices’, learn how to do that and properly amplify it without destroying the wave file and that will be your number one way to effectively ghost hunt.

A lot of photos can be iffy. There are so many ways that a photo can be disoriented, and I’m not talking about image manipulation, I’m talking about in the moment snapping the photo manipulation. An example is that when you use flash certain things will reflect, will create a shadow, and make it seem like something is there when it in fact is not. It can be very misleading.
Granted, some images are so clear that they are in fact great pieces of evidence, the fact is, they are rare.

After I had some experiences of my own I set off to find out the truth for myself. I bought a ton of equipment, and I searched for it. I found what I was looking for, and it is exactly why I stopped ghost hunting. It scared me.
Plain and simple, things exists. I took complete skeptics and showed them things, and they experienced things that they couldn’t explain. I went searching for something that was dark in nature, and I found it. I found enough that I wanted nothing more to do with it. Ultimately, you could call me a ‘sensitive’, I can’t talk with the dead, but I can sense when something is off atmospherically. I used that as a means to compile evidence, and truthfully, mentally it is absolutely draining. It drains you.

So, that is all I have to say for the time being about paranormal stuff. I know a lot about it, if you have any questions feel free to ask. I know this post will sound nuts to a lot of people, but the people that are believers and the people that have experienced it first hand will be able to connect and identify with a lot of what I’ve written here. Feel free to drop me a line if you are dealing with your own amount of haunting issues, I won’t have an issue telling you that you aren’t nuts.



3 thoughts on “Paranormal Theories and Observations

  1. I don’t consider myself to be a paranormal investigator however I do occasionally get asked to visit houses where there appears to be some paranormal activity going on. I have also been on investigations with teams who use technical equipment. It seems to work well when “senses” and technical equipment are combined…each has its own merits. I don’t even try to convince anyone that entities and spirits exist…it has to be experienced before one can truly understand what it is all about.


    • Absolutely.
      I think there are a lot of occasions where people will spin events to a point of exaggeration that contributes toward people not wanting to believe as well though.
      The people that truly experience these kind if things are able to identify between what sounds legitimate an what sounds like a Hollywood special effect.
      It is an interesting field. That much is certain.

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