In a way this poem, Prisoner, is about our subconscious. It’s about how there is someone that we are, and there is the person we put on display for others. In a way we prison the person we are, often times to be what other people prefer. This is the inner voice of the subconscious talking about being a prisoner, talking about being found, about hope, and about living. Hope that it is enjoyed.


Tears, a stream of empty faith
When inside is withered mystery
There is so little left of me
So wont you lend me a hand

Take a glimpse of what’s beneath
It wasn’t always this way
At one time there was a light
It feels like it was the other day

Take this broken part of me
And mold it into a story
Coat it with unpleasantries
And take these chains off me

I’ve been a prisoner as long as I can recall
A life of leaps, but far more falls
And the reality is drenched with bitter truth

Give me a reason to look a while
I’ve been waiting for a reason to smile

Everything it feels so bleak
My bones are sore, brittle and  weak

You say you think you know me
What is there left to know?
What I knew has run away, it had no place to go
And when what I knew had run away
A hope became that broken day
And when it all becomes too much
A battle ignites for what one can spare

You look for ways to spare what’s left
As if there is no other way
The unspoken differences reside beneath the skin
And become the brace for today

So count your hopes, they may be slim
Yet strands of hope become a tune that’s hymned

When you cry into two empty hands
There’s no one there for you
It all seems to be too much
What’s there really left to do?
I saw the fear and loss inside
How a world was taken away
Placed into the darkest shadows
With grief and pain it lays

The heartfelt whispers that curve our care
And leave our hearts open, bare
Are the links that tell us we’re alive
That reason exists to look to the coming days

Grant fate a chance, a proper trial
Lift your head and bend denial
Hide the pain, pretend to smile
Unpredictable things bring the brightest of days

No one will see, it’s only me
Close your eyes and believe
The pain is always there to see
So lets make it wait a while

The sun will shine down on me
As long as there is something to believe
The fragments of this quiet place
A place to find the dreams we chase

The hopes that blend and bind with sight
Hopes that found, lost overnight
It’s the chase that lasts, the need between
And the desire to feel something more

I am deep down, hidden inside
The you, you thought had gone away

But I am here to save you


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