An End to This

The soil of my broken dreams
Are tarnished by my marks of need
My eyes have never seemed
Quite as lost as they are right now
Now, this feeling inside
Has taken a grip on me
And I can’t seem to get away

When sunsets break, bathed in sorrow
Bathing in the tears of tomorrow

The lessons learned, oh how they burned
Now they’re locked behind my eyes
Now it’s your turn, your concern
And there’s nowhere left to hide
I’d say it hurts, but that’s unheard
There are no words for this
It’s the stem of hate, a broken fate
A dance with sin sealed with a kiss

The riddles locked, inside my mind
The answers never there to find
The confessions playing out inside
My whispers have no where to hide

I wear this sin, down to the bone
It’s why I push on, but stay alone
When faith is grim, inside is worn
A heart lies broken; feelings are torn

But the feeling never goes away
It sticks inside; it feels alive
It’s the poison laced to the common day

I feel the weight push on my neck
It could break in an instant
The world becomes a distant shade
A debt left open, still not paid

This thing I am, what I can’t be
The loss that’s coated in all I see
The things I owe that have broken me
I’ll chase to the end of time

I am forsaken, a risk worth taking
And I will find a way
And when I’m there, seething despair
You’ll never see me coming

I will seek, and I will find
I will make an end to this

I will make an ending worth seeing

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2 thoughts on “An End to This

  1. Broken sunsets bathed in sorrow…ugh, I felt that. I want to say something profound about this poem but I cant because I’m too jealous! I wish I wrote this. Nice.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha. Well, thank you. This was my morning warm up before wring about multi-screen content management, aka my mind getting burnt out :).
      I always try to write something that can be fairly easy to identify with, I am for the darkest imagery possible, with a message that is easy to relate to the essence of living 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it.



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