Angel Inside Me

I’m watching an hourglass run empty
Because I know my times run out
And nothing I can do will change
Or show the day a different route

I tried my best for you
But inside, now black and blue
Has taken all it can

And all I can ask is to be held
Til my eyes shut eternally

Your beauty masks the pain
Inside is marked, emotions stain
This walk could last forever
And all would be the same

You remain my single need
With a severed heart that slowly bleeds
You’re the cure, the single stitch
The time that can fix the glitch

Yet for now I’m lost

A broken soul tied to a corner
I remember perfect times
With each night our bodies locked
Holding like the perfect two
Loves portrait, pure and true

Those memories will bring tomorrow

Without them I’d be lost
Cause you make my everything
Worth seeing til the end

Time will fix lost harmony
I will truly not let go
Hold my hand until that time
Be there to mend my heart inside

Be the love we know and see
You’re are the angel inside me


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