Signs That Our Society is in Trouble

I’m a people watcher, to the extent that it’s not creepy. When it starts to have that ‘creepy’ feel to it, it stops, I promise. Being an observer of human behavior I feel that there are certain things that need to be pointed out, I’ve considered a few methods of approach on how to direct this article, but for the sake of fun I’m going to go with a list format.

The more you watch the news (or overhear it by accident, which is my personal account of it), watch people, and just see trends in general, there are certain things that stick out and it makes you go, wtf?

Well, this list is going to be the wtf list, the list that points out society is in trouble. Many other lists of this nature compare children to adults, I on the other hand, am simply going to list adult actions that lead to the appropriate reaction, wtf?

Grown men playing on jungle gyms 



In the event that you are trying to lead your son or daughter to overcome the fear of a slide, that is acceptable. That above, is not. It truly makes you wonder what kind of childhood the person went through, then again, maybe it is recess time at the mental institution.




This guy looks like he’s on a damn rodeo venture. Probably banned from all the other playgrounds in the area, whether it’s because he’s a PEDO or his terrible choice in clothing attire, will never know. That would require talking to him, and sorry, I’m not that interested.

All right King Richard, you can now remove yourself from the slide. Not only do you look like a dick, but the 3 year old behind you wants a turn and you’ve been sitting there for a half hour now.

Dressing up like super heroes 

Lets just clear one thing up, it’s one thing to have a hobby, and another to feel you can be a direct part of the hobby. It’s insane, the most accurate example is undoubtable star wars:



This is a star wars themed wedding (

A wedding!?!?! Seriously? I can picture how this went:

*Man gets down on one knee*

Man: “Hunny, I feel the force is with us, will you commit yourself to the forces of good, with my mighty lightsaber, and battle the dark forces for as long as we have living breath?”

Woman: “You know I do, lets go get some batteries before the lightsabers turn off!”

What kind of lunacy leads to this. Screw romance, we got got the force with us.

No, you are not obi wan, no, the force is not with you, the most accurate attempt of star wars phenomena was done by Silent Bob in Mall Rats long, long ago.



Again, no, you are not magneto. No, you do not have special powers. Can you imagine this being some 7 year olds father?

Son: “Dad can we go home, please?”

Magneto: “Quiet boy, there is work to be done!”

Store Clerk: “Sir, can I help you find something?”

Magneto: “I see no sir, only a super villain. ha-ha!”

Son: “Dad…please stop”

Security removes Magneto.  So much for them special powers.
Oh, doesn’t he look fun? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.
The second you think that society might be starting to look up you come across a photo like this and it’s the insta-reminder that we are still fucked.
Sorry, this trick to sneak pass immigration isn’t going to work. The second that border patrol yells:
“You, in the tiger outfit, stop right now!”
and the response is:
“I Tiger, Roar!” 
Not a good outcome, just saying.
Weird Hats
You can put just about anything on a child. Dress them as elmo, put a funny looking hat on them, all in all it will be a funny, cute-sy kind of thing. Sorry adults, that line is drawn once you pass the age of 5.
Does this guy think he is some kind of viking or something? Sure, he may be grabbing on to some bones, but it certainly isn’t the kind associated with prehistoric history.
1. You look like a dick
2. You look like a dick
3. Stick to a baseball cap
The Moon Bounce Machine
Silly animals, the moon bounce is for kids. This probably has all the children of the party standing outside of this device with that defeated look on their face, stating:
“I want a turn”
The facial expression on the man on the right, that is his strong act of defiance against the 3 year old child. Clearly this battle is already lost, the guy to the left is using the moon bounce as a push-up assistant, this party has been taken over by mentally disturbed adults.
I could go on and on and on, well truthfully, I’m just tired of looking up images and I think it is time to resume my day off from work.
Anyways, hope this created a laugh or two, I’m sure I will have more colorful stories to tell later.

Let me know your thoughts

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