Stop Running Away from Problems

I want to talk about problems, well more so running away from them. We are all guilty of it in one way or another, we all get worn down, we all get broken, it’s a part of living and learning. It helps us identify our strengths and our weaknesses, the point, however, is to learn that running away from problems never solves them. Ultimately, we need to learn to overcome the tough times, beat the dark horses that shadow our lives, and it leads us to becoming an individual. Those who can’t end up broken forever, we all know them:


“Life is unfair, I shall dress in black, wear dark make-up, and cry forever”

Well, the hell with that mode of thinking. The fact is, sure, if you want life to break you in half, then it will.

So, stop running away and put an end to the bullshit.

I’m guilty as hell of running away from my problems in the past. I was the guy who learned that I could numb my problems with a pint of hard alcohol, the problem was that my problems always knew how to catch up with me and resumed from their ‘paused’ moment the day before when I would wake up with a hangover. Pointless, stupid way of handling issues.

The motto I like to go by now is kind of like the climatic moments in a movie, you see those movies where people get that finishing death blow and rather then go out crying they say:  “Fuck you”, well that’s me and emotions.

Emotions and problems can only beat you in if you let them. I look at it like they are going to be there until you face off with them, the only person that can prolong that is the person themselves. For the people who take my old approach, substance to bring about a temporary numb, well, you need to grow up. I have grown up, I’m passing the message on to you.

As a matter of fact I think that people that act incoherent and stupid in public should be allowed to be beaten in public with a baton, it might not teach them to stop drinking, but they will think “damn, that hurt, maybe I shouldn’t do that for a while”. I know that if that tactic was applied to me when I was on a roll with acting like a moron I would have thought of it that way. It would be kind of like:

“I really want to drink, but damn, these bruises. I don’t know if I could survive another beating like that.” And boom, just like that, positive, adult thinking.

Seriously though, we all have a habit of finding ways to dodge our problems, whether it is out of ignorance, out of substance, or out of simply taking the main problem and creating smaller versions of it as a method of distraction, it doesn’t work. You have to think, do you want to be:



Or do you want to be the Juggernaut


You aren’t broken until you give up on yourself all together. 



That’s just how it plays out, you can either take the strength you have inside of you and say “I’m not going to get run down by life, I’m going to take it by the throat and conquer it”, or you can let your problems beat you in to the point that there is no coming back from it.

There is no doubt about it, life is filled with heart-break, challenge, disappointment, and a bucket full of tears, but without all the pain you wouldn’t be able to recognize the things that are beautiful, the relationships that matter, and the feeling that give you a reminder of what you are fighting for to see the next day.

When you choose to run away from your problems, you choose to give up on yourself. We are all a lot stronger than we give ourselves credit for, but we are each capable of incredible things. I do not have a high opinion of people, you run into enough assholes and you become limited to just how enthusiastic you are willing to be, but that doesn’t change the factual knowledge that there is a position we live in, and a position that we are capable of in life, you should never doubt yourself.

Dare to face your problems, cut out the things that cause pain in your life, focus on the things that mater, and take the time to learn and identify the good and bad for you. Everyone has a separate recipe for happiness, but everyone has the same desire to be happy.

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