Throne of Nothing

You stitched up my skin
But I was far beyond repair
The scars an eastern harmony
Of modernized brutal despair

With tears that freeze in place
From all the things I’ve seen
You can call me nightmare
A broken, frail fiend

With eyes empty to the core

I walk with a limp
Cause the weights too much to bear
The screaming, breaking, heart-forsaking
Like a scene from yesterday

Replaying visions in my eyes
A single hope, a million lies
To obtain just one moment
Where things could feel meant to be

You can touch my skin
Feel it fueled and pumped within
Cause sadness has a way of showing
But prevents attempts at ever growing

Cause when sorrow seeps down to the bone
Where broken dreams have their own throne
Where everything is all alone
What is there left to reach for?

So reach for my hand it’s growing frail
Before skin absolves down to the nail
Before I can’t speak, a lost voice
While I still have some form of choice

The hymn of loss poisons the air
Injecting hope with pure despair

Now, standing at my throne of nothing
I’m praying for the end to happen fast

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