The Edge Inside

I’m barely hanging on
The flood inside my eyes
Has changed to shades of darker tide
Yet, no one knows the mess inside

I still bleed from your betrayal
Although you can’t see the wound
It doesn’t mean I’ve healed
You really don’t know
What I’d give to somehow feel, again

My voice tied in a knot
I began to drown and dream
No one heard my final scream
No one cared enough to listen

This edge inside will last, forever

The last taste of mine was a tear
That missed the chance to fall
Crippled by all that I know
Broken, now I crawl

Now I’m lost in memory
Tied to all that couldn’t be
The shallow cast that cuts inside
Taunting parts, barely alive

The air drenched in false promise
Of all ill never get to be
If not for lack of trying
For the outcomes I could never see

The walls inside me shatter
Linked to all the things I’m missing
This bliss inside has slowly died
It’s impossible to lift my eyes

There’s nothing left to look up to

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9 thoughts on “The Edge Inside

    • This was one of the more emotional pieces that I’ve put together, for quite some time actually. I’m glad that it is touching readers the way it is, means I accomplished what I was aiming for.
      Thank you so much for checking it out 🙂


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