Drift Inside the Night

The tunnels change as time transpires
Each step I take is bathed in fire
And it doesn’t really matter
I’ve been running in circles, all is the same
Swallowing guilt and taking on blame

As I bury the essence
The shame that’s my name

Fatigue has worn down my eyes
Feeling inside has become frail
And there is little left for me

Sighs worth a thousand whispers
Left as hopes hook in despair
Without a thought to believe
We become puppets, void of care

I blink and the weight inside becomes unreal
As much as I don’t want to feel
When I let my mind free
I’m lost in the grasp that’s left of me
It feels I’ve held on for countless nights
I wouldn’t know, I’ve stopped keeping track

The roads that lead to my heart
Are dismantled, mounds of sorrow
I walk away with the light to my back
Unsure of the pain that will come from tomorrow

When each step feels like a nightmare
Inside becomes a cord of pain
With every loss comes a pluck
Reminding me, it’s all the same

I hang my head in sequence
Just like I always do
Visions flash inside of me
Exempt from one thought to believe

I stopped dreaming, you should know
There is no place for me to go
So I will drift inside the night

And wander where I won’t be found

Image from: http://www.internetmonk.com

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