Bleeding Soul

Bleeding Soul

Take a second back to see
What a different choice would do for me
If I chose a different road
Would these wounds begin to close?
The scars that trace inside of me
The symbol of what shouldn’t be

I could scream into the air
It wouldn’t matter, no one’s there

Will this poison plague tomorrow
Tensions high and lined with sorrow
The blend of a soul, the touch of pain
The loss of knowing things can’t change
The stain of words that taint my name
And myself, the one blame

Knowing things were left as plain
Destined and left to be the same

The more I seem to lose control
The more I see a bleeding soul
The pain inside, no where to go
The more I see, the less I know

This whole that’s opened up inside
Has left me simply asking why

Yet I can’t seem I look away

With my hopes bolted to the floor
Suspended, they can’t take much more
The urge to speak is now deplete
A living image, incomplete

For all this feeling there is no sound
A broken man lays on the ground
His hopes are withered, his loss is real
The pain is all he seems to feel

And laying there, he just wants it to end

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