Shades of Memory

A rose twisted in the sky
It spread its wings across blue haze
Enveloped by the shades of red
Each shade a symbol, a hope thats bled

Fragile from the time alone
The rose gently fell from crimson skies
With a smile; she knew the end
Acceptance glazed within her eyes

The shade of season tipped by time
Scar tissue seared in the ridge of our mind
When thinking back can wet the ground
From the tears that fall; faithless, unbound

It’s the story of the genuine
A tale that takes the breath away
Without this pain who could tell
The night between the common day

Without pain; we’d see no light
Without beauty there would be no sights
If all was simple, simply plain
We’d all be absent of a name

The strength of difference; guilty stride
Where hope and pain are often tied
These things we call societies shade
It’s what we breathe in every day

So mark a chapter; shed some light
See the day the same as night
See time as choice, a path you pave
Tomorrow will come if you choose to stay

A dislodged mirror; two shades; one day
A reflection you live and a shade of could be
All tied into a book we call memory

We finalize our own chapters, and seal them with hope


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