Portrait of Forever

This reflection in the mirror
All the pain I see
The cuts and burns
And fragile mind
That composes me

The image of two
Joint at the hand
The tale of you and me
Meant to be forever
And simply meant to be

Inside my eyes; you’re all I see
Cause tomorrow could just never be
As long as it’s you, and you with me
We’re the pulse of a strong a memory

Cause together; no regrets
Two hearts fused at a nights sunset
Cause every breath I breathe
I breathe for you

You are what makes me alive inside
No one can see me the way you do
Through my skin and the pain too
You see a man who’d give it all

No tomorrow would be worth
A day not marked together
We were made to be
Just you and me
The portrait of forever
A thing that’s meant to last forever


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