The sky has turned a shade of gray
The world got lost inside a day
The drapes that masked its darker side
Got stained with hate and turned by lies

I’d say I’d try to rescue it
I stopped believing long ago
The lashes on my back have healed
But hope is lost, I should know

Every step in this broken place
Comes with the designer’s shadow
That mocks the movement in this space
The crippling lack of understanding

When your bones are locked so tight
You’ve lost the urge to even fight
It’s that one slow, steady breath
That makes the world the distant past

When you simply can’t believe
The heart’s been burned right from your sleeve
You’ve lost sight of your own virtue
You’ve lost your place, what’s left to do?

You become the cast to broken minds
The broken dream that tries to find
A place to simply sit and hide
Cause hope has lost its place inside

Close your eyes and pretend
When a world break’s it’s just the end
What you decide to perceive
A heart that lost hope to believe

Pick it up and sew it still
A wound ripped open only spills
When you don’t try to stitch away
The pain of past and the hope of day

Cause tomorrow can bring a whole new way
And with that hope here still I lay

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