Writer’s Carnival Banned Me, Damn

For beginners, a little back story for those just tuning in. the post I put together, Wheels on Writing, was initially put together as a mockery post for the writer’s carnival website. Prior to posting it there was discussion that my doing so would probably get me banned, turns out my instinct is pretty damn good, I got banned, but for some ridiculous reasons, hence this post.
The funny story that caused the ban: http://wp.me/p3EsvN-ar

Inside joke really, the catch is the owner of the site apparently had such a die hard urge to get me banned there was some heavy reaching put into effect, so without further ado, the story:

I went to log in and continue to move some of my work off the site, Writer’s Carnival, to find that my username was changed, and my authorship was ended. All my work was still on the site, but given another name, aka, copyright infringement. I immediately stated that I wanted my work off the site and contacted the site owner in a number of ways. After childish redirection of going to “Contact Us” on the website I received an email after writing this:
to: writerscarnival@hotmail.com

To whoever it is that runs this particular email,
My assumption would be that it is you, Anisa, which you couldn’t lack professional etiquette more if you tried. The decision to ban my account that was associated with this email I could care a less about, what I do care about is keeping my work on the site under a name that is not mine, that is copyright infringement.
I want everything associated with my account removed or I will take the proper legal steps to insure it is done and far more complication will come as a result.
I don’t want to waste any more time with this site, there is personal right and wrong, and professional right and wrong, legally, keeping my work without proper authorship and credit associate with it is illegal.
I don’t care about being a part of the site, I care about being professionally wronged, and considering that on a professional level I write for a living, this is a big deal to me.
Personal feelings aside, it’s clear I think the moderation on this site is poorly handled, this is a matter of professional law and etiquette.
Remove everything.

The response that I received was this:


Your accusations are completely, 100% wrong. For starters, your account was deleted because you…

A.) Attacked Writer’s Carnival
B.) Attacked the owner
C.) Attacked the team of volunteers who help behind the scenes
D.) Attacked every single person who uses and enjoys the community
E.) Attacked the special Olympics and its attendees.

So, please, don’t talk to us about ‘Professionalism’.

Writer’s Carnival has been nothing but welcoming and supportive of you from the beginning. We’ve asked you in the past to adhere to the site rules and this, for whatever reason, upset you. You have a blog… Go advertise it like normal bloggers do. I’m quite positive you would not want us on your blog, telling people to head over to Writer’s Carnival every time we visited your blog. Would you?

That escalated, ever after it was suggested to use the Author Notes, so we were still helping you, to you attacking the entire Writer’s Carnival population. And then the Special Olympics.

Your behaviour is entirely inappropriate, uncalled for and unfounded in reason.

You are no longer welcome at Writer’s Carnival.

Still, as a last courtesy, when we deleted your account we temporarily moved your posts to another account in the event you may not have them saved on your computer and would still like a copy.

Why would we still try to help you after everything you’ve done? Because that’s the kind of community we are. We understand how important people’s writing is to them and we will do everything in our power to help them on their journey.

Even you. After the rant you put up and the insults you flung.

So, as a last courtesy… If there is any post you have not saved yet, let us know in a short reply to this email. Short being the operative word.

We will not read anymore of your abusive emails.

If you do not want or need access to those posts any longer… Let us know by simply stating exactly that. That you do not need access to them any longer. Then we will delete them from their temporary holding location.

Goodbye, Sean. We wish you well wherever you end up.

Anisa Irwin
Owner, Operator and Creator of Writer’s Carnival

Let me begin by saying this is how I felt when I read that:

“Aw shieeet, ruined my day”

I posted that story with the full intention of knowing that I was probably going to get banned, the people on that site knew it before I even posted it.

In the past you see great figures who sacrificed themselves for the greater good, my sacrifice was for the greater good, to point out and prove that the site is run by a juvenile brat that can’t stand to hear an opinion outside of their own.

Did I attack the site? Yes. Did I attack the owner of the site? Yes. Did I attack the community? Damn right I did, but what I didn’t do is put down people that live with disability. I am very courteous about people that live and overcome challenges, when you take an entire article and zoom in on one sentence and blow it up, it shows how little your brain is. To take it a step further you started a campaign, tell me, do your outfits look like this:


Except perhaps they have my face on the area where the cross is on this particular coat? 

Seriously though, you really set off on some campaign to shut down the “Sean rebellion.” You must see me as quite the threat to be emailing people demanding they not support my thoughts or leave the site they are a part of. This is an email the site owner of Writer’s Carnival sent to another member on the site, I will copy and paste it exactly for what it states:


Just a heads up about members who are sharing Sean’s post ‘Wheels on Writing’…

I could care less about the WC aspect, and that’s the truth, but what concerns me is his comment regarding the special Olympics.  I can only assume you missed the statement, as I did as well on my first read through, but what he said is so rude and beyond comprehension that I cannot support it any way, shape or form.

I respect those Olympians and the challenges they have gone through to get where they are today.  It’s amazing and inspiring.  And to see him make them the butt end of a joke… It’s not fair.

So, we’re asking anyone who is sharing that garbage to no longer be associated with Writer’s Carnival.  I saw that you shared it from his blog…

I have a lot of friends who have children who would be truly insulted by what he said because they fit into that spectrum.  I know a lot of people who would be insulted by that kind of demoralizing comment.  People who have disabilities or conditions should never be subject to ridicule like that.  We have to come together as people to protect one another and I believe that he’s completely out of line making fun of the special Olympics.

So, again, maybe you didn’t notice his comment, but if you did then please unassociate yourself with this site.

Thanks, and even if you don’t like the site, I’m sure you can understand where I’m coming from here.


Have you ever read an email that seeped so much bullshit that you had to run and get a towel before it got on the floor? I sure did, it’s above me shitting on these words I’m typing. “Help!”


You told her Anisa! So bad that she came and sent me the email after. 

The more insulting factor of this is that Olivia, my friend (AKA the whole sharing the email thing with me) actually has children that struggle with some disabilities, Olivia knows how i feel about these kinds of things, and knows me as a person.  Call me crazy, but when you try to get someone to agree with where you are coming from, outside of gangster movies and beating people up to get them into silence, normally civil discussion works. The whole “Agree with me or you are banned.” thing is kind of proving the point that you are an asshole.

You see, I am an asshole and if I have something to say, I say it. Unlike you, someone that whispers in the fucking dark hoping someone will listen to your psychotic babble, I speak my mind and should people not like what I have to say, I say “shit, we don’t agree, let’s move forward”

Quite the campaign: listen to me or I will ban you! Get some guts and see if people can simply agree with the shit you have to say, instead you act like someone that is hiding under a fucking rock whispering things in the wind. When you run a site like some rabid troll that studied nazi films what you end up with is none other than: Writer’s Carnival.

Additionally, when you whisper dirty lies it can lead to what’s called defamation of character, I’d pursue it but I deal with enough idiots on a regular basis that you simply are not worth my time. See, I simply have to post what you are doing and the general consensus can be reached: that you make the Paina character in wheels on writing more alive then ever. Get it?

The butt end of the joke

The “butt” end of the joke, as you put it, was not the special Olympics, it was you, and your inability to run a site in an effective manner without controlling how people “should” feel and “should” think. It appears everyone got that except for the person who had their head buried way too far up their own ass. Then again, when you can’t outsmart someone I guess making up assumptions and stories is the second most effective approach.


“Where did my mind go?”–Good question

Over the months I’ve watched great writers, the one I will mention is Eric, that have hit the ground running to get away from that shit hole site. I received my first 48 hour ban when I called you a nazi for speaking down to Eric, you sure taught me a lesson! Who boy, you sure did.

The beautiful thing about the Internet and this space on the Internet is I can say whatever I want and you can’t ban me, this is my word, my thoughts, and the truth can be a real bitch. I respect intelligence, I can debate personal opinion, I despise ignorance and stupidity.

Given the way you act your medicine cabinet must look like the fucking rainbow, a pill of every color. You’d need them to keep up with you million different personalities. Go back to composing your fucking zombie dolls, the viva la revolution against Sean isn’t working out for you.


Lastly, you mention you were going to publish my work like I should clap and do a cartwheel. Any idiot with a wallet can get published. Published doesn’t mean talent, and with you evaluating my talent, it sure as hell doesn’t mean talent.

I found it funny how in the initial comments for “Wheels on Writing” you rolled a bunch of names off of people that I got along with and then squeezed your name in there, as people that support my writing. I guess you really do go out of your way to fit in, I’d imagine you’d have to when your editing crew is the zombie dolls that line your windowsills.

Since joining Writer’s Carnival the experience you personally have given me would be the equivalent of a disease you return to the Emergency room to 3-4 times to cure. I should mention that I don’t mean an STD, that would hint that at some previous time there would be a feeling of pleasure of some sort or another, nope, with Writer’s Carnival that is certainly not the case. The experience you delivered was more along the lines of brain hemorrhage or something really terminal. Yeah, all in all, your presence sucks.

So, with all being said, I’m banned, I’m at peace, and if it means never hearing from you again, then I guess I’m one step closer to believing in a god.

Getting the truth out there is very important to me, what can I say, I’m honest.


10 thoughts on “Writer’s Carnival Banned Me, Damn

  1. It’s rare to see people stand up to others, so I admire that in you. Believe it or not I am sad to see such “strong arm tactics” used by a site that supposedly allows the sharing of freedom of speech and/or opinion.

    You are one of the few people whose writing I relate to and to see you “banned” because of your writing is hypocritical.

    In support of you, I have removed all my writing from the site. I feel a sense of relief. There’s a reason one of my tattoos say “question authority”. 😀

    Always speak your mind and share your opinions. Don’t ever let people silence you through bullying. I’m glad you’re standing up for what you believe. So many people do now-a-days.



      • Besides… Anisa is on the mental level of a squirrel, can run up and down the tree but what happens in between who the fuck knows? Probably plays with those zombie dolls.


    • Ah, that site is kind if like a web-based disease that is impacting talented writers on a scale of whoever accidentally clicks one of the ads associated with it.
      In a way people need to learn to stand up for themselves, people get so lost trying to gain the approval of others and do what? A high five? Pass.
      Thanks for dropping in 🙂


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  4. I am really inspired along with your writing talents
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    • Thank you for the compliments. The layout is free provided by wordpress there are a number of different themes. When you browse around there are many to choose from and at the very bottom i believe there is a link you can pick from that says what mine is.


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