Writer’s Carnival and Tears

In the late evening last night I received another wonderful message from my favorite website, Writer’s Carnival

They have been deleted. Now, speaking of copyright infringement… You do not have my permission to post my writing, i.e. this email or any other private message I have sent you in the past, on your blog. Remove them immediately as I have done for you.

You say you’re professional, so I’m sure you won’t have a problem following the law. Rant all you want, but what I write is mine and not for public publishing.

From here: https://smonaghan119.wordpress.com/2014/08/04/writers-carnival-banned-me-damn/


As stated in the video, no, I won’t removed anything. Every email I get from you or your website makes my brain weep. You are the ugly duckling of intelligence, you make the average human being seem like a brilliant scholar.

You are used to getting your way because you pick on people that won’t speak up for themselves, you chose the wrong person to start this shit with when you chose me. The only thing more irritating than an asshole is an idiot and pat yourself on the back cause you are both. Is hitler in your family lineage or is he just a roll model?

I believe in sticking up for myself. If I have a thought, I say it. I don’t run around trying to spread things about someone to try and validate myself for being a jackass. I defend my points, I express myself, and others are entitled to believe and think as they wish. The second you chose to try and start shit with me and start spreading lies about who I am as a person, you fucked up.

The fact is, the work you had of mine under bullshit names were pieces of work that could be used for promotional purposes, they were poetry and stories that would contribute toward pulling people to your site, and when you took away my authorship, that was illegal.

Me displaying your whole entire way of conversing, you bullshit claims to me to another member (which you shouldn’t be spreading I have a problem with disabled people, I don’t). The fact is, I’m putting out there what you try so hard to hide, the fact you are a fake person. I’m going to ‘ban’ your little writers carnival email, do not send me anymore, get on with your life of harassing people and trying to force them to think the way you do.

I’m a wordsmith and I take pride in being able to express my opinion. You’ve made it easy though, I point out how fake you are and you play the part. I’d say you deserve an award but truthfully you deserve a collar and a name tag.

Telling me I’m no longer welcome at writers carnival is like telling me I’m not allowed to be a ballerina. I don’t give a shit.

This is for everyone who has trouble speaking up for themselves, don’t be afraid to state your mind and be yourself. We aren’t here to satisfy the world, only ourselves, and when you have one idiot that gets in the way and tries to start shit, do what I do, knock them the fuck down.


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