Bitter Nothing

My eyes have become tied down
Twisted to the loosened ends of fate
Watching loss bend with our hopes
A become one to separate

So count the minutes, they are so spare
Filled with tokens of despair
Cause I’m trying to see tomorrows sky
And holding on has never been so hard

It seems to be, I’m only me
Two hands, two eyes, eternity
Cause I can see forever
It’s in that moments glance
That every tear glimmers with a new story

And a new hope that’s gives a chance for the next day

I could close my eyes and pray
But I’ve decided I’m my own god
And any form of asking comes through me
Cause I decide the moments tide

The emotions captured in a second
Only exist should I grant them the time
So please don’t disregard the common
It’s what makes us all this way

Reach out for tomorrow like no new day will arise
Cause without a hope and wish for something
We’re left with a need and a bitter nothing

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